Accelerating Success: Tata Motors Shares Soar 7% on Stellar Q3 Performance Timesnews24.in

Accelerating Success: Tata Motors Shares Soar 7% on Stellar Q3 Performance

Tata Motors stock value surged over 7% to initiate trading at a new peak for the 52-week period on Monday following robust Q3 outcomes, showcasing a twofold surge in its combined net earnings. Tata Motors equities climbed by as much as 7.19%, reaching ₹942.00 each on the BSE. For the third quarter of FY24, Tata Motors reported a net profit of ₹7,025 crore, marking a remarkable 137.5% upswing from ₹2,957.71 crore in the corresponding period of the prior year. This surge was driven by robust demand for both passenger and commercial vehicles, strategic price increases, and an enhanced product mix. The company’s Q3FY24 revenue ascended by 24.9%, reaching ₹110,577 crore compared to ₹88,489 crore YoY. Revenue from its British luxury car unit, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), witnessed a substantial increase from ₹58,863 crore to ₹76,665 crore. Operational efficacy during the December quarter showed enhancement as EBITDA experienced a 42.5% YoY boost, amounting to ₹15,333 crore, and the EBITDA margin expanded by 171 basis points to 13.94%. In an endorsement of Tata Motors, global brokerage firm Jefferies heightened the EPS projections for FY24-26 by 7-11%, affirming a ‘Buy’ rating on the stock and elevating the target price to ₹1,100 per share. While Tata Motors’ combined EBITDA slightly trailed Kotak Institutional Equities’ estimates, the EBITDA from JLR and the domestic CV business surpassed expectations due to favorable raw material trends and a more affluent product mix. However, the EBITDA for the domestic PV business was impacted by increased expenses related to product development for electric vehicles. In conclusion, the domestic brokerage anticipates a robust performance from FY2024 to FY2026, driven by JLR’s improved business performance, consistent demand patterns, augmented market share in both PV and CV sectors, and a net positive cash balance sheet expected by FY2025.

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Tragedy Unfolds: Chile's Wildfires Claim 112 Lives with Rising Concerns Timesnews24.in

Tragedy Unfolds: Chile’s Wildfires Claim 112 Lives with Rising Concerns

In a heart-wrenching turn of events, central Chile’s raging wildfires have left at least 112 people dead, and the grim toll is expected to climb further, warned President Gabriel Boric on Sunday. Rescue teams are tirelessly searching through the ruins of neighborhoods obliterated by the fires. The coastal tourist haven of Valparaiso remains ablaze, presenting an ongoing challenge for responders amidst an intense summer heatwave. With temperatures reaching a scorching 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit) over the weekend, the firefighting efforts are intensified. Among those affected is Rosana Avendano, a 63-year-old kitchen assistant from Vina del Mar, who was away from home when the flames engulfed her seaside city. The organization managing victims’ bodies reported receiving 99 individuals, with 32 identified, emphasizing the human impact of this tragedy. President Boric, surveying the devastated Quilpue community near Vina del Mar from a helicopter, acknowledged the gravity of the situation, expecting the death count to rise significantly. He declared a state of emergency, pledging government support to help the affected residents rebuild their lives. The national disaster service, SENAPRED, reported nearly 26,000 hectares (64,000 acres) burned across central and southern regions by Sunday. A formidable force of 31 firefighting helicopters and airplanes, along with 1,400 firefighters, 1,300 military personnel, and volunteers, battles the relentless flames. The wildfires are fueled by a summer heatwave and drought in the southern part of South America, attributed to the El Nino weather phenomenon. Scientists warn that a warming planet increases the risk of natural disasters, such as intense heatwaves and fires. The dire situation extends beyond Chile, as brigades in Argentina confront a fire consuming over 3,000 hectares in the renowned Los Alerces National Park since January 25. The beauty and biodiversity of the park are now threatened by the relentless advance of the flames, further highlighting the urgent need for global action in the face of climate-related disasters.

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Understanding the Significance of World Cancer Day Timesnews24.in

Understanding the Significance of World Cancer Day

Every year, on February 4th World Cancer Day is observed. On this day, countries around the world come together to encourage and support the fight against cancer and its prevention. There is a special purpose behind celebrating this day, and this year’s theme is equally significant. Let’s find out why World Cancer Day is celebrated and what the theme for this year is. Cancer is a serious illness that causes millions of deaths worldwide. According to WHO data, in 2018, approximately 9 million deaths were attributed to cancer. A recent report indicates a 77% increase in cancer cases. Therefore, to raise awareness about this disease and educate people on its prevention and early detection, World Cancer Day is observed every year on February 4th.  Let’s explore the significance, theme, and history of World Cancer Day. Why is World Cancer Day commemorated? World Cancer Day is acknowledged annually on February 4th with the objective of disseminating awareness about this lethal ailment. The day intends to furnish details regarding cancer, recognize its indicators, promote timely treatment, and educate individuals on methods to avert it. If individuals possess knowledge of all requisite information associated with this malady, it can significantly aid in its prevention. What is the history of Global Cancer Awareness Day? The background of Global Cancer Awareness Day is relatively recent. In 1999, the International Summit Against Cancer in Paris introduced the idea of observing this day. Following that, in the year 2000, Global Cancer Awareness Day was first acknowledged on February 4th. The reason for observing this day is to bring together nations worldwide in the fight against cancer and commit to eliminating this devastating illness. The main goal of observing this day is to promote research and focus related to cancer.

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Income Tax Budget 2024 Highlights: Middle-Class Taxpayers Await Relief, Modi Govt Stays Unyielding Timesnews24.in

Income Tax Budget 2024 Highlights: Middle-Class Taxpayers Await Relief Modi Govt Stays Unyielding

As the fiscal year unfolds, the Indian populace eagerly anticipates the annual budget announcement, particularly regarding income tax reforms and relief measures. The unveiling of the Income Tax Budget 2024 under the Modi government has been met with a mix of anticipation and apprehension, especially among middle-class taxpayers who had hoped for some respite amidst economic uncertainties. The recent budget has reiterated the government’s stance, focusing more on fiscal prudence and economic stability rather than significantly altering the income tax landscape for the middle-income groups. Stagnant Tax Slabs:  One of the primary observations from the Income Tax Budget 2024 is the absence of alterations in the tax slabs for individual taxpayers. The existing tax slabs and rates remain unchanged, thereby providing no immediate relief to the middle-class strata. Tax Regimes and Rates:  Under the prevailing tax regime, which offers individuals the option to choose between the old and the new tax regimes, taxpayers continue to assess their options based on their income levels and eligible deductions. – The existing tax slabs under the old regime are as follows:   – 0% for income up to ₹2.5 lakhs   – 5% for income between ₹2.5 lakhs to ₹5 lakhs   – 20% for income between ₹5 lakhs to ₹10 lakhs   – 30% for income above ₹10 lakhs   – The new tax regime provides lower tax rates but eliminates most deductions and exemptions available under the old regime. No Increase in Basic Exemption Limit:  Another notable aspect is the absence of any increase in the basic exemption limit. The basic exemption threshold, which determines the minimum income level at which an individual becomes liable to pay taxes, remains at ₹2.5 lakhs for individuals below 60 years of age. This status quo, while ensuring continuity, fails to address the aspirations of middle-class taxpayers grappling with inflationary pressures and rising costs of living. Focus on Compliance and Digital Initiatives:  While the budget does not offer direct tax relief, it emphasizes enhancing compliance mechanisms and leveraging digital platforms to streamline tax administration. The government aims to bolster tax collections through improved data analytics, enhanced scrutiny, and robust enforcement measures to curb tax evasion and ensure a level playing field. Investment Incentives and Savings:  To encourage savings and investments, certain tax-saving instruments such as the Public Provident Fund (PPF), Equity Linked Savings Schemes (ELSS), and National Pension System (NPS) continue to enjoy tax benefits, albeit within the confines of existing regulations. Conclusion:  In essence, the Income Tax Budget 2024, under the Modi government, has maintained a conservative stance concerning direct tax reforms, opting for continuity over radical alterations. While the absence of immediate relief for middle-class taxpayers may be disheartening for some, the government’s emphasis on fiscal prudence and long-term economic stability underscores its commitment to navigating the nation through uncertain times. As taxpayers navigate the intricacies of the income tax regime, the onus lies on effective financial planning and prudent decision-making to optimize tax liabilities while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. Amidst evolving economic landscapes, the quest for equilibrium between taxpayer expectations and fiscal imperatives remains an enduring challenge for policymakers and citizens alike.

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India vs England 2nd Test, Day 1: Yashasvi Jaiswal's Masterclass Puts India in Command Timesnews24.in

India vs England 2nd Test Day 1 Yashasvi Jaiswal’s Masterclass Puts India in Command

In an impressive display of batting prowess, Yashasvi Jaiswal took the canter stage on Day 1 of the second Test against England in Visakhapatnam. Bidding his time and showcasing a more measured approach, Jaiswal remained unbeaten on a stellar 179 as India reached 336/6 at the stumps. Opting to bat first after winning the toss, captain Rohit Sharma and Jaiswal laid a solid foundation, with Jaiswal adopting a cautious strategy in the early part of his innings. However, Rohit’s dismissal to spinner Shoaib Bashir marked a historic maiden Test wicket for the England bowler. Shubman Gill joined Jaiswal, and the duo initially adopted a watchful approach. Eventually, Gill fell victim to the genius of James Anderson, leaving the stage for a formidable partnership between Jaiswal and Shreyas Iyer. The pair’s 90-run stand steered India through to Lunch and maintained stability in the first half of the second session. Despite Iyer’s dismissal for 27 off 59 balls, debutant Rajat Patidar took charge. His promising start was cut short in the final session by Rehan Ahmed, who claimed his wicket for 32. Earlier, Rohit Sharma confirmed at the toss that Patidar would make his debut, replacing the injured KL Rahul. Additionally, India opted for Kuldeep Yadav over the all-round option of Washington Sundar in place of Ravindra Jadeja. Resting pacer Mohammed Siraj, they brought in Mukesh Kumar. The match at the ACA-VDCA stadium in Visakhapatnam follows a shocking defeat for India in Hyderabad in the first Test. Despite the setbacks, India, no strangers to coming back from behind in the home series, looks determined to level the five-match series. Key Highlights: India chose to bat first after winning the toss. Rohit Sharma and Yashasvi Jaiswal started cautiously. Spinner Shoaib Bashir claimed Rohit’s wicket, marking his maiden Test wicket. Shubman Gill fell to James Anderson after a promising start. Yashasvi Jaiswal notched up his second Test century. Shreyas Iyer and debutant Rajat Patidar showed promise but were dismissed. Debutant Shoaib Bashir secured his second wicket, removing Axar Patel. KS Bharat departed for 17, but Jaiswal stood firm as India reached 336/6 at stumps.

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Poonam Pandey: A Tribute to a Trailblazing Journey timesnews24.in

Poonam Pandey: A Tribute to a Trailblazing Journey

The untimely departure of Poonam Pandey, the dynamic model, and performer, at the age of 32 has left the entertainment realm in sorrow. Let’s honor and reminisce about the remarkable legacy she has left behind, reflecting on key moments from her extraordinary journey. Early Life and Beginnings Born on March 11, 1990, in Delhi, Poonam’s artistic spirit ignited early in life. Navigating the challenges of a middle-class upbringing, she fearlessly pursued her dreams. Starting with modeling assignments, she seamlessly transitioned into the captivating world of entertainment. Poonam’s formative years showcased her determination and resilience, establishing her presence in the modeling realm before venturing into the enchanting universe of performing arts. Rising to Fame and Achievements Poonam Pandey’s daring career approach propelled her into the spotlight. In 2011, she made waves with a controversial promise linked to the Indian cricket team’s World Cup victory, sparking discussions about her unconventional methods to grab attention. Her versatility shone in reality television, especially in Lock Upp’s 2022 inaugural season hosted by Kangana Ranaut. Poonam’s magnetic presence added depth to her multifaceted career, captivating audiences with her undeniable charisma. Beyond the glamour, Poonam utilized her influence to champion social causes, revealing a compassionate side that transcended the entertainment spotlight. The Untimely Demise Tragically, Poonam Pandey’s journey was abruptly halted, announced through her official Instagram account, citing cervical cancer as the cause. The revelation sent shockwaves through her fan base, friends, and the entire entertainment community, mourning the loss of a talent that was only just beginning to blossom. Legacy and Remembrance Poonam Pandey’s legacy, defined by boldness and charisma, will forever be etched in the annals of the entertainment landscape. Despite the brevity of her life, the impact she made on her audience and peers endures through her body of work and the memories she created. As we bid a heartfelt farewell to Poonam Pandey, let’s cherish the vibrant spirit that defined her early life, acknowledge the milestones she achieved, and reflect on the unfortunate circumstances that led to her premature departure. May she rest in peace, leaving behind a legacy that inspires aspiring artists to pursue their dreams with courage and determination

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Champai Soren Poised to Undertake Jharkhand Chief Executive's Function Timesnews24.in

Champai Soren Poised to Undertake Jharkhand Chief Executive’s Function

In the wake of the resignation of the standing Chief Executive Hemant Soren, the Jharkhand Mukti Morcha has designated Champai Soren as the heir. Champai, an intimate relative of Hemant Soren, had previously functioned as a Cabinet Minister in the ongoing administration. Encounter Champai Soren: Jharkhand’s ‘Feline’ Champai Soren, a participant of the Jharkhand Legislative Assembly and an MLA from the Saraikela constituency, emerges as a distinguished personality in Jharkhand’s political arena. Acknowledged as the ‘Jharkhand Panther,’ his involvement in the Jharkhand campaign, alongside Shibu Soren, has earned him this distinct appellation. Political Expedition and Ministerial Capacities Champai’s political expedition initiated in 2005 when he clinched his initial election to the Jharkhand Legislative Assembly. Since then, he has been recurrently re-elected, showcasing his unwavering appeal among the electorate. His duties as a Cabinet Minister encompassed pivotal sectors such as Transport, Scheduled Tribes, Scheduled Castes, and Backward Class Welfare. Over the years, Champai has undertaken diverse ministerial responsibilities, illustrating his adaptability and commitment to public service. From Science and Technology to Labour and Housing Minister (2010-2013) and subsequently Food and Civil Supplies and Transport Minister (2013-2014), his contributions have been noteworthy. In the 2014 and 2019 polls, Champai affirmed his standing as an MLA for the third and fourth instances, respectively. During his fourth term, he reassumed his position as the Minister of Transport, Scheduled Tribes, Scheduled Castes, and Backward Class Welfare in the Hemant Soren government. As Jharkhand envisions a new period beneath Champai Soren’s leadership, his extensive political background and commitment to the state’s well-being position him as a promising Chief Executive.

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RBI Limits Paytm Payments Bank's Functions, Highlighting Compliance Concerns Timesnews24.in

RBI Limits Paytm Payments Bank’s Functions, Highlighting Compliance Concerns

The Central Bank of India (RBI) has taken a substantial measure by restraining Paytm Payments Bank Ltd from receiving deposits, facilitating credit transactions, or supporting top-ups in customer accounts or linked prepaid tools, such as wallets and FASTags, post-February 29. Nevertheless, customers can still leverage balances in their accounts, comprising savings and current, “freely (and) up to their available” threshold, according to the RBI directive. The central bank has also concluded the nodal accounts of Paytm’s parent entity, One97 Communications Ltd., and Paytm Payments Bank Ltd. The RBI’s determination stems from “persistent non-compliance and ongoing material supervisory apprehensions in the bank,” identified following a thorough examination of its systems by external entities. As of now, neither the corporation nor its originator/CEO, Vijay Shekhar Sharma, has provided a reaction. The Paytm application will persist in regular functionality, excluding attributes associated with the Paytm Bank, which will remain operative until February 29 or until the accessible balance is depleted. This move tracks a directive from March 2022 instructing PBBL to halt enrolling new patrons “with immediate effect.” It is crucial to acknowledge that the RBI’s intervention specifically targets the banking operations of Paytm. Patrons can still deploy Paytm as a digital payment alternative if their account is associated with an external bank. In December, One97 Communications executed budgetary measures by automating specific processes through Artificial Intelligence (AI), leading to the dismissal of numerous staff members across diverse sectors.

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No Messi-Ronaldo Face Of: Cristiano Ruled Out of Al Nassr Clash with Inter Miami timesnews24.in

No Messi-Ronaldo Face Of: Cristiano Ruled Out of Al Nassr Clash with Inter Miami

In a major letdown for football enthusiasts, the much-anticipated showdown between football titans Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo will not happen, as the Portuguese maestro has been ruled out of Al Nassr’s upcoming bout against Inter Miami on January 31. Inter Miami and Al Nassr are currently locking horns in the Riyadh Season Cup, with the event being hyped as the potential ‘showdown’ between Messi and Ronaldo. The two football icons had previously crossed paths in an exhibition match between PSG and Riyadh All-Stars just twelve months ago. Ronaldo’s unfortunate injury, suffered ahead of Al Nassr’s planned tour in China, led to the cancellation of the entire event. The former Real Madrid star expressed his frustration, highlighting the untimely nature of the injury. Al Nassr manager Luis Castro disclosed that Ronaldo is in the final stages of recovery and is expected to rejoin the squad shortly. Castro remains hopeful that the Portuguese luminary can resume training with the team. As Lionel Messi and Inter Miami aim for their first victory of the pre-season, they seek redemption following a 4-3 defeat to Al-Hilal in the opening match of the Riyadh Season Cup. Despite goals from Messi and Luis Suarez, Al-Hilal emerged victorious

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Varanasi Court Allows Hindu Devotees to Worship in Gyanvapi Mosque Sealed Basement timesnews24.in

Varanasi Court Allows Hindu Devotees to Worship in Gyanvapi Mosque

In a notable progression, a Varanasi court has given consent for Hindu followers to partake in adoration within the enclosed confines of the Gyanvapi mosque. This resolution specifically sanctions religious observances at ‘Vyas Ka Tekhana,’ a specified zone within the mosque. The regional authorities are assigned with organizing the requisite preparations for the followers, and the duty of appointing a clergyman for the rituals has been delegated to the Shri Kashi Vishwanath Temple Trust. Vishnu Shankar Jain, the legal representative for the Hindu community, communicated to journalists that the court’s determination authorizes Hindus to conduct supplications at ‘Vyas Ka Tekhana.’ The civic administration is instructed to make organizational plans within seven days, and he underscored that this decree bestows every individual the privilege to perform puja.   JM Pandey, a dweller of Gorakhpur and the initial judge to issue the unsealing of the Ram Mandir for worship, fulfilled a pivotal function in this decision.   Articulating dissatisfaction with the court’s judgment, Maulana Khalid Rasheed, the leader of the Islamic Centre of India, remarked that the option to appeal to a superior court remains accessible. Conversely, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) ardently accepted the court’s determination, affirming that it reinstates Hindus’ jurisdiction to engage in worship at Gyanvapi. This court directive succeeds a plea submitted by four female litigants in the Supreme Court, urging excavation and scrutiny of the sealed section of the mosque. The plea was incited by a report from the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), indicating the presence of a substantial Hindu temple before the construction of the Gyanvapi mosque. The litigants contended that the essence of the ‘Shivling’ could be precisely perceived through excavation and scientific methodologies, revealing its significance.

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