Every year on July 29, International Tiger Day is observed. The 13th International Tiger Day is observed worldwide to advocate comprehensive efforts to protect tigers and their natural habitats.

According to WWF, the origins of International Tiger Day may be traced back to the 2010 Saint Petersburg Tiger Summit in Russia, where numerous countries, including India, Russia, and China, agreed to safeguard tigers. Tx2 is a collaboration of thirteen tiger range countries aiming to doubling the tiger population by 2022.



The importance of International Tiger Day in raising awareness about the urgent concerns affecting tiger conservation cannot be overstated. Tigers, which are categorized as endangered in some locations, pose major challenges to their survival.


Ten important reasons why this day is so important in fighting for tiger protection:

1.Encouraging global cooperation
2.Restriction of illegal wildlife trading 
3.Ecological balance
4.Responding to a diminishing population
5.Keystone species’ impact
6.Exhibiting conservation initiatives
7.Education of youth 
8.Motivation of individuals
9.Having an impact on policy and financing
10.Promote responsible tourism


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