OMG 2 Review: “OMG 2” starring Akshay and Pankaj Tripathi,

OMG 2 Movie Review: A powerful cinematic narrative is presented by “OMG 2,” addressing the topic of sex education for children and the perception of discussing sex as a taboo. After a significant duration, a movie that impeccably executes its storyline without any shortcomings has been encountered. The film’s success is greatly attributed to its exceptional writing, which seamlessly incorporates numerous scenes that elicit applause from the audience.


The movie’s focal point revolves around Kanti Sharan Mudgal, portrayed by Pankaj Tripathi, a devoted follower of Shiva. His son faces expulsion from school due to engagement in an activity deemed inappropriate by the institution. Confronted with a tarnished reputation, Pankaj Tripathi’s family contemplates relocating from the city. However, Akshay Kumar, embodying the role of Shiva’s messenger, intervenes to prevent their departure. Pankaj Tripathi’s character then launches a legal battle against the school, advocating for the inclusion of sex education in schools and the reinstatement of his son. The film adeptly narrates the necessity of sex education in schools.

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Remarkable portrayals:

Akshay Kumar’s portrayal as the messenger of Acting Shiva is noteworthy. His role is intentionally confined yet impactful, underscoring his significant presence. Pankaj Tripathi impeccably brings the character of Kanti Sharan to life, leaving no room for criticism. Yami Gautam shines in her role as a lawyer, while Pawan Malhotra delivers an exceptional performance as a judge. The actors portraying Pankaj Tripathi’s wife and children also excel in their roles.

Film’s Quality:

From the film’s opening scene, it captivates the audience and maintains an appropriate pacing throughout. Each scene is entertaining and triggers applause on several occasions. The court sequences are skilfully executed, intertwining humorous punches with societal critiques that evoke both laughter and introspection. Despite being assigned an A certificate, the film addresses the importance of sex education for children, positioning it as a must-watch for them. Akshay Kumar’s portrayal as Shiva’s messenger is meticulously crafted to avoid any potential controversy, aligning with the film’s thematic essence.


Amit Rai’s direction is commendable, exemplifying a firm grasp on the film’s narrative. Amit Rai, who also assumes the role of the film’s writer, skilfully crafts an engaging screenplay. The film’s standout feature is undeniably its writing, deserving substantial acclaim.

While perfection remains elusive, “OMG 2” stands out as one of the most exceptional films in recent times, commanding attention. The movie imparts valuable lessons and insights, rendering it an educational cinematic experience.

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