Renowned Actor Sajid Khan Succumbs to Cancer Remembered for Iconic Birju Role

Renowned Actor Sajid Khan Succumbs to Cancer

The demise of actor Sajid Khan, renowned for his childhood portrayal of Birju in the iconic film ‘Mother India,’ has been highlighted in recent reports. At 70, Khan lost his battle with cancer. Besides his memorable role in ‘Mother India,’ he showcased his talent in global films such as ‘Maya’ and ‘The Singing Filipina. Samir, his son, confirmed that Khan had been contending with cancer and eventually passed away on Friday, December 22. Samir revealed that his father had settled in Kerala alongside his second wife. Interestingly, Rajkumar Pithamber Rana and Sunita Pithamber had taken Khan under their wing through adoption, with acclaimed film producer Mehboob Khan overseeing his well-being. While Khan had withdrawn from the film scene in recent years, he remained committed to philanthropic endeavors. His fondness for Kerala led him to remarry and establish residence there. In a final tribute, Sajid Khan was interred at the Juma Masjid located in the Kayamkulam town within Kerala’s Alappuzha district.

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