friends and food collide at this café in Hyderabad

Feathered friends and food collide at this café in Hyderabad

At the heart of Jubilee Hills, a cafe that exudes the ambiance of a European dream, with an additional touch of nature’s wonder, can be found. Mairu Bistro is the place where the convergence of nature’s allure and the charm of birds combine to create an Instagram-worthy experience. As visitors step in, they are enveloped in the melodies of playful macaws freely roaming about, and they encounter carefully curated natural elements that immerse them in a nature retreat. “The exotic African Macaw and the other birds were with me at my residence when I planned to make this café. I thought of bringing these birds to the café, allowing visitors to enjoy a magical experience while savoring our delicacies,” stated Narendra Chary, the owner of Mairu Bistro. “I am also the chef of this place, and my journey began with a strong interest in culinary arts,” he said. Apart from this cafe, I also own two other cafes in the city,” he added. In addition to its captivating feathery hosts, an array of classic and globally-inspired dishes is served at the cafe. The bistro presents familiar favorites, reimagined through a health-conscious lens, with a menu designed to cater to everyone’s tastes. The real stars of this cafe are the vibrant macaws from South Africa, flying overhead and perched on tree branches within arm’s reach. These birds are not confined to cages; instead, they enjoy the freedom to interact with visitors. Mairu Bistro is part of a multifaceted destination, where a cafe, skin, and hair studio, and a fashion store all come together under one roof.

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