Kamal Hasan contest for Lok Sabha election

The founding president of MNM and Tamil cinema’s biggest actor, Kamal Hasan, will run for the Lok Sabha in the forthcoming 2024 election from Coimbatore. Superstar Kamal Hasan will launch an MNM outreach drive at the state level on Sunday at Makkalodu Maiam in the Coimbatore South Assembly district. The MNM intends to speak with residents in each of Tamil Nadu’s 234 Assembly districts, with party leaders and cadres holding meetings with individuals at the ward and panchayat levels to discuss the challenges they are currently facing. This covers the concerns that people’s representatives in their particular constituencies have chosen to ignore. According to a senior member of the party’s leadership, the MNM would develop its election platform based on input from the general public. Recently, Kamal Hasaan gave a car to Sharmila, a bus driver in Tamil Nadu who lost her job due to a scandal involving DMK leader Kanimozhi riding the bus she was driving. In response to the bus conductor’s request for the ticket fare from Kanimozhi, Sharmila engaged him in a verbal battle. As a result, Sharmila was fired by the bus company’s owner. She was invited to Kamal Hasaan’s house in Chennai, where he also gave her a brand-new vehicle she can use for work. Kamal’s gift of a car to Sharmila, a Coimbatore-based actress, is viewed as a strategy by the Tamil superstar to gain support in the region. we the member of timenews24 wish Kamal Hasan sir a very best of luck for the upcoming election

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