kulhad-pizza-couple-viral-video-mms The Viral Sensation: Kulhad Pizza Couple's Rise to Fame

The Viral Sensation: Kulhad Pizza Couple’s Rise to Fame

In the age of social media, fame can come knocking at your door when you least expect it. Sehaj Arora and Gurpreet Kaur, collectively known as the “Kulhad Pizza Couple,” are the living proof of this phenomenon. Their journey from obscurity to becoming a household name is a fascinating tale of the power of the internet. Initial Murmurs on Gossip Forums It all began with whispers and hushed conversations on lesser-known gossip forums. A video featuring Sehaj and Gurpreet making “kulhad pizza” at their food stand near Jyoti Chowk surfaced online. At this stage, it was just another piece of content in the vast sea of the internet. Video link – https://youtu.be/hNTbg7ihN3Y?si=h_BmFaY8ZalZDs1T Secondary Platforms Take Notice Soon, secondary platforms picked up on this quirky video. The unique concept of serving pizza in kulhads, small earthen pots, piqued the curiosity of viewers. Social media users started sharing the video with friends and family, and a buzz began to build. Mainstream Social Media Eruption The tipping point came when mainstream social media platforms experienced an avalanche of related content. People couldn’t get enough of the kulhad pizza concept, and it quickly became a trending topic.

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