Bengaluru Gears Up for a Day of Protest: Shutdown on September 26

Bangalore bandh on sep 26 what’s open and closed
Bangalore bandh on sep 26 what’s open and closed

In response to the enduring Cauvery River water dispute, Bengaluru is preparing for a city-wide shutdown on September 26th. This development arises as tensions persistently rise between the regions of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu regarding the distribution of Cauvery River waters. Given the mounting apprehension, municipal authorities have issued a plea for all establishments in the city to remain shuttered on this specific date.


The protracted Cauvery River water dispute has remained a contentious subject for numerous years, sporadically giving rise to demonstrations and interruptions within the vicinity. The decision to announce a shutdown serves as a means for residents and advocates to exhibit their unity with the cause and attract attention to the ongoing matter.

Bangalore bandh on sep 26 what’s open and closed


Throughout the shutdown, enterprises, educational institutions, and public amenities are strongly advised to maintain their closures. This measure is designed to reduce the likelihood of any disturbances and ensure the welfare of the populace. It represents a preventive measure to sustain tranquillity and harmony within the urban landscape during this period of heightened anxiety.


For both residents and visitors within Bengaluru, it becomes paramount to remain well-informed regarding the circumstances and to exercise caution on September 26th. The potential for disruptions and closures affiliated with the shutdown necessitates that everyone strategically arranges their activities. Local authorities will be vigilantly monitoring the situation to guarantee the protection and welfare of all individuals in the city during this critical juncture.

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