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CERT-In Issues High-Risk Alert for Samsung Galaxy Users

The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) has raised a red flag for Samsung Galaxy mobile phone users, emphasizing the urgency of promptly updating their phone’s operating system and security features.

In a security advisory issued on December 13, CERT-In categorized the security concerns for Samsung phones as “high-risk,” impacting millions of users with both newer and older models. The advisory stresses the critical need for users to update their OS firmware at the earliest.

CERT-In Issues High-Risk Alert for Samsung Galaxy Users

The identified risk stems from an improper access control flaw in the Smart Manager CN component of the OS. The recommended solution to mitigate this risk is to promptly apply the necessary security updates on Samsung Galaxy phones.

Failure to adhere to CERT-In’s advisory could expose Samsung Galaxy phone owners to various risks, including the potential theft of the phone’s secret code (SIM PIN), unauthorized access to sensitive information, and the execution of arbitrary code, compromising the targeted system.

CERT-In Issues High-Risk Alert for Samsung Galaxy Users

Samsung has issued guidelines to users on ensuring their safety against potential hacking attempts and securing their phones effectively.

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