Cyclone Michaung Unleashes Havoc: Flooding and Rescue Group Chennai

Cyclone Michaung Unleashes Havoc: Flooding and Rescues Grip Chennai chennai-airport

Chennai, India, found itself in the grip of chaos as cyclone Michaung struck the southern coast, leaving widespread flooding and destruction in its wake. Boats became crucial tools for rescuers navigating submerged streets, reaching those stranded in their homes amid heavy rain and powerful winds that uprooted trees and damaged infrastructure.


The Toll:

The flooding, triggered by torrential rains preceding the cyclone, claimed an estimated 13 lives, predominantly in Tamil Nadu, a key manufacturing hub. Chennai, a city of over 6 million people and a significant center for automobile and technology manufacturing, witnessed dramatic scenes of rescuers using inflatable rafts and ropes to extract people from inundated homes.

Cyclone Michaung Unleashes Havoc: Flooding and Rescues Grip Chennai chennai-airport
The Response:

Local media documented the challenging efforts of rescue workers wading through waist-deep water and air force helicopters airdropping food rations to stranded residents. The impact on industries was palpable, with major players like Foxconn and Pegatron temporarily halting Apple iPhone production due to the adverse weather conditions.


The Aftermath:

While Andhra Pradesh faced significant damage, including road disruptions and uprooted trees, the overall impact was relatively contained. However, the floods in Chennai evoke haunting memories of a devastating event eight years ago, which claimed the lives of around 290 people.

As the region grapples with the aftermath of cyclone Michaung, the focus remains on recovery and rebuilding, emphasizing the resilience of communities in the face of natural disasters

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