Durand cup 2023: All results, scores and points table

durand cup 2023
durand cup 2023

An illustrious history and long legacy in Indian football can be found in the Durand Cup, one of the oldest football competitions in the world. For more than a century, this illustrious event has served as a stage for exhibiting talent, encouraging sportsmanship, and producing footballing legends. Football fans are excitedly anticipating another fantastic on-field show of ability and passion as they create excitement for the forthcoming 2023 edition. 

Origins and Founding:-

The Durand Cup dates back to 1888, when Sir Mortimer Durand, the country’s Foreign Secretary at the time, proposed holding a football competition to promote unity and brotherhood among the British Indian Army’s battalions. The Durand Cup, which was named in his honor, immediately gained popularity among players and spectators and was made an annual event.

Durand Cup 2023 results

Durand Cup 2023 results
August 3, ThursdayMohun Bagan SG 5-0 Bangladesh Army FTAVYBK
August 4, FridayNortheast United FC 4-0 Shillong LajongDIGAS
August 5, SaturdayBodoland FC 0-1 Rajasthan United FCFSAI Stadium
August 5, SaturdayMohammedan SC 1-3 Mumbai City FCBKBK
August 6, SundayDelhi FC 1-1 Hyderabad FCEIGAS
August 6, SundayEast Bengal 2-2 Bangladesh Army FTAVYBK
August 7, MondayOdisha FC 0-1 Indian Army FTFSAI Stadium
August 7, MondayMohun Bagan SG 2-0 Punjab FCAKBK
August 8, TuesdayFC Goa 6-0 Shillong LajongDIGAS
August 8, TuesdayMumbai City FC 5-0 Jamshedpur FCBVYBK
August 9, WednesdayDelhi FC 1-1 Tribhuwan ArmyESAI Stadium
August 9, WednesdayGokulam Kerala FC 2-0 Indian Air Force FTCKBK
August 10, ThursdayHyderabad FC 1-3 Chennaiyin FCEIGAS
August 10, ThursdayPunjab FC 0-0 Bangladesh Army FTAVYBK
August 11, FridayMohammedan SC 2-1 Indian Navy FTBKBK
August 11, FridayOdisha FC 2-1 Rajasthan United FCFSAI Stadium
August 12, SaturdayNortheast United FC 2-2 FC GoaDIGAS
August 12, SaturdayMohun Bagan SG 0-1 East Bengal FCAVYBK
August 13, SundayKerala Blasters 3-4 Gokulam Kerala FCCMBG
August 13, SundayDowntown Heroes 1-2 Shillong LajongDSAI Stadium
August 14, MondayChennaiyin FC 3-0 Tribhuwan ArmyEIGAS
August 14, MondayBengaluru FC 1-1 Indian Air Force FTCKBK
August 16, WednesdayFC Goa 3-0 Downtown HeroesDIGAS
August 16, WednesdayEast Bengal FC 1-0 Punjab FCAKBK
August 17, ThursdayJamshedpur FC 1-0 Indian Navy FTBMBG
August 17, ThursdayBodoland FC 1-2 Indian Army FTFSAI Stadium
August 18, FridayDelhi FC 1-2 Chennaiyin FCEIGAS
August 18, FridayBengaluru FC 2-2 Kerala BlastersCKBK
August 19, SaturdayMumbai City FC 4-0 Indian Navy FTBVYBK
August 19, SaturdayBodoland FC 2-1 Odisha FCFSAI Stadium
August 20, SundayNortheast United FC 3-1 Downtown HeroesDIGAS
August 20, SundayMohammedan SC 6-0 Jamshedpur FCBKBK
August 21, MondayKerala Blasters 5-0 Indian Air Force FTCEBG
August 21, MondayRajasthan United FC 0-0 Indian Army FTFSAI Stadium
August 22, TuesdayHyderabad FC 3-0 Tribhuwan ArmyEIGAS
August 22, TuesdayBengaluru FC 2-0 Gokulam Kerala FCCKBK
August 24, ThursdayQuarter-final 1: NorthEast United FC 1-0 Indian Army FTQFIGAS
August 25, FridayQuarter-final 2: East Bengal FC 2-1 Gokulam Kerala FCQFVYBK
August 26, SaturdayQuarter-final 3: FC Goa 4-1 Chennaiyin FCQFIGAS
August 27, SundayQuarter-final 4: Mohun Bagan 3-1 Mumbai City FCQFVYBK
August 29, TuesdaySemi-finals: NorthEast United FC 2 (3) – 2 (5) East BengalSFVYBK
August 31, ThursdaySemi-finals: FC Goa vs Mohun BaganSFVYBK
September 3, SundayFinal: East Bengal vs Winner of SF 2FVYBK
durand cup 2023

Historical Significance:-

The Durand Cup has seen a number of momentous events over the years that have permanently shaped Indian football. The competition has fostered footballing prodigies and saw the emergence of famous players who eventually became pillars of the national squad. Additionally, teams from both local and foreign countries have participated in the Cup, promoting the spirit of sportsmanship and cross-cultural interaction.

The Journey Through the Decades:-

The Durand Cup developed over the decades, according to shifting societal norms and football industry developments. It changed from being a British Indian Army event to including civilian clubs and teams from other states and regions, increasing its appeal and competition. The tournament’s standing increased as Indian clubs earned acceptance in the world of international football.

durand cup 2023

Modernity and Restoration:-

In the contemporary age, the Durand Cup saw its fair share of difficulties, such as periods of discontinuity and organizational problems. However, the rebirth of this legendary competition was made possible by the tireless efforts of football officials and supporters. With its resurrection as one of India’s premier football tournaments, the competition attracted fresh attention from supporters, sponsors, and football teams.

Edition 2023 and Later:-

The Durand Cup 2023 promises to be a lavish celebration of footballing brilliance. Fans can anticipate a show of talent, cooperation, and tenacity on the field as premier teams and up-and-coming players compete for the prized title. Beyond the actual tournament, the Durand Cup continues to motivate young players, inspiring them to pursue their love of football and aspirations of representing their country abroad.

Durand cup 2022


Football fans excitedly anticipate the start of this historic competition as the countdown to the 2023 Durand Cup begins. Due to its long history and capacity to endure across generations, the Durand Cup is a well-liked and esteemed institution in Indian football. The Cup serves as a representation of togetherness, sportsmanship, and the unifying force of the beautiful game beyond the results and triumphs.


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