Earthquake in Jaipur

jaipur earthquake today1
jaipur earthquake today1

The National Center for Seismology reports that Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan, experienced an earthquake with a Richter scale value of 4.4.

According to the specialists who spoke to the media, an earthquake with a Richter scale magnitude of 4.4 happened today at 4 a.m., almost 9 km distant from Jaipur at a depth of 10 km. At 4:22 in the morning, a Richter scale record earthquake struck once more, this time with a magnitude of 3.1.


Many people came forward following the earthquake to express their sympathy for the citizens of Jaipur. The tweet “Earthquake in Jaipur, i hope everyone is safe” was posted by the minister of tourism, Mr. Murari Lal Meena. Shri Vasundhara Raja, the previous chief minister of Rajasthan, also tweeted that “earthquake Tremors have been felt at other places in the state including Jaipur.”

The TimesNews24 staff is also showing its concern for the people of Rajasthan, and we really hope that no casualties have occurred.


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