Friendship day

Happy friendship day
Friendship day

When did it start?

According to me there is no specific date for friendship day, friends are those people who can be around us in every situation, so every day is friendship day. According to history and records, Joyce Hall founder of hallmark cards in 1919 proposed the idea of friendship day.

Friendship day is Just a reminder to us that, we have true friends, who are always on our sides in any situation. Those are people who can make us laugh when we are low, they didn’t expect anything from us also, they just need our care and love. In friendship there is no space for greed, selfishness, and jealousy. Friendship is a pure bond that is made in heaven.

friendship day

How to celebrate friendship day?

  1. Go to the party.
  2. Cook together
  3. Go for movie night
  4. Go for long rides
  5. Play card games
  6. Go for playing childhood games to relieve the memories
friendship day

Quotes for friendship day: –

  1. 1.God, who forgets to bind in blood relations, Turns them into true friends to rectify mistakes…
  2. People see appearances, we see hearts People dream, we see reality People see friends in the world We see the world in our friends
  3. A song is needed in a gathering, Love is needed in the heart. Life is incomplete without a friend, Because the need for a friend is in every moment.
  4. No page of the book of the heart remains empty, Even in places where nothing is written, friends can read the state.

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