Happy Sister’s Day


National Sister’s Day, which falls on the first Sunday in August, is being celebrated on 6 August this year. The occasion is dedicated to celebrating the bond between sisters and expressing gratitude to siblings for being there in both good times and bad.



The term sister originates from the proto-Germanic word ‘swester’, which has its roots in the Old Norse word ‘systir’. It is widely believed that the idea of National Sister’s Day in 1996 was conceived by Tricia Eleogram and one of her sisters.


National Sister’s Day presents an opportunity to acknowledge the love, companionship, and support that are brought into our lives by sisters. On this day, individuals are encouraged to show love and respect for their sisters and to take actions aimed at enhancing their relationship with them.

Here are ideas to celebrate sister’s daty:-

  1. Go out for picnic
  2. Cook her favorite food
  3. Go for movie night
  4. Play some board games
  5. Relieve the old memories by playing childhood games
  6. Gift her something special.

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