Why mission Chandrayan-3 is Important for India?


Even though there are more than 190 nations on Earth, only three of them—namely, “AMERICA,” “USSR,” and “CHINA“—have made it to the moon.
America’s Apollo 11 made its first moon landing in July 1969. Three years before America, the Luna 9 spacecraft touched down on the moon in February 1966, making it the first nation to do so. China became the third nation to land on the moon in 2013 thanks to the Chaang’e 3 missions. The question of “why a mission to the moon is important to India?” suddenly emerges.


India also attempted to land on the moon but was unsuccessful in achieving a soft landing on the lunar surface. A few years later, India attempted to land softly on the moon once more with Chandrayan-2, which was launched by the Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle Mark III on July 22 from Srihari Kota. The first attempt of landing took place on September 6, 2019, but sadly it was unsuccessful due to their trajectory.

Now again on 14th of July 2023 from Srihari Kota from the launch vehicle pad SDSC-SHAR, the chandrayan-3 successfully enters on the earth orbit, and it takes almost 1 week to reach lunar surface.



Some questions arise are as follows: -

  • what is the objective of Chandrayan-3?

In Chandrayan-3 there is an instrument named “SHAPE” installed which can help to read data of geographical data of Earth and also help ISRO to study out of the galaxy and Exo-Habital planets. This satellite can help to prevent natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, etc., and help people to evacuate safely. it can also be useful for the government to keep an eye on our friendly neighbors China and Pakistan.

  • Why soft landing is important for India?

Soft landing means after landing spacecraft should be safe, and it is very important for India because once we proved that we are able to do it, then we can take more space mission internationally like NASA and it give growth in GDP of India.

Chandryan 3Conclusion: – It is very important for chandrayaan-3 to make a soft landing; it is very important for the country and GDP. Because of the chandrayaan-3 we are able to study the other part of moon that is not visible to us, maybe there is water and minerals that can help us to grow in future and become super power. 

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